Hey there! My name is Maria and this my site. I did this informative website as a project specially for Morningside Authors, —an ESL and Website Development course. If you would like to contact me, simply use the contact form available on this page. Below is my Resume, along with some examples of online websites and articles I written before.

Graduated with honors from McGrade University
15 years of web content writing experience (particularly intended for Online readers)
7 years of web development experience.
Dedicated, self-motivated worker with a taste for facts.
Work Experience.
Morningside Authors,2008 - Present
Team Leader
In charge of organizing a international crew of writers to accommodate a complex range of increased objectives and goals.
- Make cutting edge records for end result, boosting production by 30% around the world
- Accurately controlled continuous logs of task distribution
- Operated QA for global development over a sizable crew of internet writers

Self Employed Web Designer

Additional Abilities
Proficient in Mandarin
Outstanding proficiency utilizing various choice of office software

You can find my work on the following sites

Student Jobs Toronto

Many students today are actually looking for ways to earn money even if they are still technically in school. This is their way of getting extra bucks for a few items that they would want to buy or to save up for future expenses. Luckily, there are different student jobs Toronto area that will be available for these people. Toronto in Canada is a great metropolis area and not only is it a bustling economic city… Read more..

Teen Summer Jobs

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Work At Home

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Alabama Child Support Calculator

The court of Alabama determines the controlling order immediately and easily with the proper form available on its site. Rule 32 demands a thorough review of the amount of child support payment once in four years to ensure… More on this site..

AZ Child Support Calculator

This law aims to assure the financial stability of a child in case his parents get divorced, legally separated or the issue on… Source of information..

Child Support Calculator MN

This calculator assumes that only one parent will live with all of the children. This tool is not designed for other situations where split custody or joint physical custody is granted by the court. A child support calculator… Click here to read more..

Child Support Calculator NC

Joint custody is quite different because both parents have control to the child. In this case, the court may rule that the person who has the higher… Read more..

Child Support Calculator Oregon

Usually, the courts assume the potential earning instead of the actual income as child support calculator Oregon area. This is implemented when the parent is not employed, when he doesn’t work full-time or perhaps no actual proof of income. The Oregon courts mandatorily deduct the union contributions, alimony, costs of health care and other kinds of child support in calculating the total monthly earnings. Oregon Courts determine initially… Source..

Child Support Enforcement In GA

Parents should visit the office of the Department of Human Resources of Georgia, Division of Child Support Services of DCSS first before they can establish a legal support for their child. The DCSS will guide parents throughout the process, starting with the determination of paternity to make sure that the parents of the… Source of information..

Child Support In Maryland

A legal formula has been established by Maryland calculate the support obligation of a parent to the child. As of 2011, approximately, there are 500,000 cases of child support in the state as estimated by the Department of Human Resources of Maryland. Half of this number is handled by qualified private lawyers while the other half is supervised by the Child Support Enforcement Administration of the state. The first step in determining child support in Maryland is… More on this page..

Child Support NY

Parents are not held liable for any support of a child aging above 21 if there is no direct or indirect contract. For visitation, custody and other specific purposes, the majority age is 18. For… Find out more…

Child Support In RI

This provision is based on Section 15-9-1 of the RI General Laws. The court may issue a child support order anytime. The order should contain provisions which require any of the parents or both of them to provide their child with… Source..

GA Child Support Enforcement

A particular child support will never be terminated in case the child begins to occupy a residence with his/her non- custodial… Click here to continue..


In fact, in the U.S traffic research showed that approximately 32% of mortality rate is due to road related accidents. One of the factors involved with road related accidents is impaired driving due to alcohol intoxication regardless of the amount taken as the severity of toxicity effect of the alcohol is case to case basis dependent upon… To read more click here…

LA Child Support

The non-custodial parent should pay his/her share of the amount of child support to the custodial parent contained in the table. The court is responsible for making sure that the child/children are entitled to sufficient medical care coverage that is considered as… More on this site..

MN Child Support Calculator

This is done in Minnesota by way of combining the total income of parents then determining the percentage each parent should pay from the total income. For instance, if both parents have equal custody on their child… Find out more…

NC Child Support Calculator

Once you have found this calculator, you will be asked to put it personal information about you and your ex- partner. To calculate the expected payment amounts, the calculator will take into account a number of variables such as your income, your ex- partner’s income and the age of your child…. Find out more…


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Slip And Fall

Have you ever been walking on the street of a busy town or city during the day with others, and see someone slip and fall on the sidewalk or on the steps going into a business?�Or, have you ever been in a supermarket or… To read more click here…

Workplace Injuries

In a white collar office job the risks are fewer, but the potential dangers are still present. What happens if you suddenly suffer a workplace injury? There are a variety of factors to consider and it will depend on the kind of… Click here to read more..